Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Acting vs. Writing

Acting vs. Writing. Ugh... which one aught I do. Already writing with a fair following, but I'm also good at acting. I just don't know. Maybe both? Write scripts, act in the movie I wrote for. Perhaps write and do acting on the side, or do acting and write on the side. In all honesty, writing is probably the easier route, and I do love to do it. Despite being able to write at any time I want, it's still a hard career to get a hold in. But that's me, I never take the easy way. I'm sure most of know how hard it is to get into acting, and even though writing would be a bit easier, the difference is marginal.

Thus is my dilemma. Many of you know that I want to become an actor, but as of late I've been falling more and more back in love with writing. I may even be starting to prefer writing to acting. Of course at the moment I am more able to write than to act, so this is what my creative juices flow towards.

At the moment I will pursue this path with full force. I will study more and more the concepts of writing and its many different styles. I will branch off and begin writing in different styles from those that I already write in. Even at this very moment I am talking with a friend about starting a collaborative blog.

I believe that is all I have to say, just thought you guys should, it is a blog after all.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simply Put...

When is anything ever simply put? I mean, really simply put? You can say something simply, but then someone else is left wondering. But then again if you try to explain what it is that you're saying, then what you're saying is no longer being said simply. And so this blog post will be, for the most part, not so simply put, although not quite for the same reasons aforementioned.

No, this blog post will have twists and turns, ups and downs, wide angles, smashings, and dizzying spins. I am going to write what comes to my mind with reckless abandon and complete disregard to the common courtesy of writing something simply put for the reader. Running from side to side you'll have to breathe hard and perhaps close your eyes from time to time to keep up and understand what is going on.

When doing something like this it is safe practice to carefully not bother with anything. To continue inch by inch, and just let it all out. As the title suggests however, the main point is "simply put." I will be skirting around the subject here and there, most of it merely unbearable while slipping in the phrase "simply put."

And on that note I will move on to something new. Not knowing things, it's the worst, at least for me, I like to know things. When I don't know things, or parts of things, it stresses me out. At this point I try to figure things out, which either works, or it doesn't. If it doesn't work things just get interesting in the worst way, which is never fun. In the long run it is best to keep me in the loop. To leave me out of the loop is dangerous, it's very windy, and bugs tend to fly into throats...ew.

For those versions of us waiting for something understandable and satiable, it is in the greatest sense of the word, far from happening. I'm not worried about your insubstantial thoughts and hopeful outcomes of what I'm writing. Simply put, go with it. How long must you be going with this tomfoolery you might ask, who knows? Certainly not I or any other Dignitary, President, King, or merchant.

Now for something for the younger audience.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living Like You're In A Relationship

I'm currently in the process of being trained to be a Young Life leader, which is quite arguably the best decision I have made as of late. I feel I have grown so much in my walk with God while going through training. I have learned many invaluable lessons about living in God and giving it all to him. The one thing that I have learned that has most stuck out to me is how we ought to go through our interactions with other people in a relational way.

Jesus lived and created the perfect template for how we should live our lives. In the context of reaching out to others we have to start with his relationship with his disciples. The 12 disciples were his closest friends, he spent everyday with them. Even though he taught thousands at a time, Jesus spent time with just his 12 disciples and focused on their growth through him.

In the same way, as his disciples living an example of Christ, we can't try saving the whole world. For starters we aren't the ones who save, that's Jesus' job. We also can't spend our energy on leading someone to Christ then moving on to the next. We need to invest our time in just a few, even though it goes against today's Christian view of leading people to Christ. When we invest in just a few, their growth in Christ is much more valuable and fulfilling than when we lead people to Christ as if going through a parade. Jesus focused on the 12, then the 12 went out into the world doing the same as Jesus. They pointed people to him, focused on their growth in Christ, creating a solid foundation for them, and then they themselves did the same.

All this is not to say that Jesus did not care about his relationship with the crowds. He loved them just as much as his disciples, but it is unrealistic to try to create a close relationship with each of several thousands of people. But Jesus wants a close relationship with everyone, and his interactions with others point to intentions of wanting a closer relationship.

So how do we do that? As disciples trying to develop other disciples, how do we focus our time and live in a way that shows to others that we care just as much about a close relationship with them as we do with anyone else? Even if a close relationship never comes of it. We have to be intentionally relational. In other words, live as if each person we interact with could be our next best friend. This doesn't mean that at some point they have to become that, but think about how you interact with your best friends. You confide in them, they know things others might not know, they know you're not perfect. In relationships you always have to give a bit of yourself up, you have to be willing to be vulnerable. You don't have to tell them your deepest secrets, but telling them things that help them realize that you two are quite similar, in the good and the bad ways, is a great first step to pointing them to Christ.

To be Christian means to be a follower of Christ. The definition should be taken as literally as it sounds, to be a follower of Christ, to follow his example. To be a follower of Christ is to be in a relationship with him. It's almost painfully simple, Jesus is all about relationships, and as followers so should we be all about relationships.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pan for your thoughts

It has happened, members of the Bananas Squared group have gotten together and made a video. It took forever. We met once a week and struggled with getting the right shots, using the right props, making a pan float, and so much more. But in the end it was fun and I would do it again. Here is the finished product with Lindsay Brahl starring as Britnee and Austin Keretzman starring as Butch. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photo Show

My life through the lens of my phone.

Our new tea kettle. I really like it, mostly because of its seethroughness.

Yep, sugar and coffee, together they equal a guilty pleasure. Don't be judging 
though, I do drink black coffee too.

That's my car...I don't know why I let them do this.

That's not even half the height of the bonfire pile we built this summer.

In the end it was massive.

My best bud Cody. He came up for a week, it was crazy. Yes yes.

I really don't have much to say about this one.

The city park at night, no one was around, but it was just as much fun.

Three of the awesome people I spent the summer with...

And another one...

And another.

Just realized you're going to be doing a lot of scrolling, oh well, you'll manage.

That's me, and that would most likely be a creeper behind me. Johnshaw.

The crew I took up to Lake Saranac in NY. This includes the two crazy ones dancing.

One word, Narvy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is basically a catch up of all that has gone on since my last real post. You all know I work at Pizza Hut, I'm still working there. I have been deemed the best driver there and all my managers have asked me if I'm interested in management. The would be no, not at Pizza Hut, although the pay increase would be warmly accepted.

I was also in a an extra, nothing special but you will see me if you go to see it. It's called Trust Me, look for it in theaters this winter. I wasn't expecting to get paid but I was. A very pleasant surprise. Four days of extra work and $200 to show for it. For the actual amount of time on set it was pretty good pay.

I also have my own car now, a Toyota Corolla named Sherona. I put a short ram intake in it and two tweeters all for the price of $30. A steal, definitely pleased with the purchase. The intake has done marvelous wonders to my fuel economy.

I've got myself a phone also. A Droid Incredible 2 and I love it.

Those are pretty much the major things that have gone on lately. I can't wait to get back into the rhythm of posting regularly with interesting little stories.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Been a while

I've had so much going on lately that I barely have any time to just sit down and write, and its probably going to continue to be like that. So thus, my posts will be shorter, but I will catch you guys up, starting with a pic. It's a beautiful lotus, I love it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

To Be A Busy Bee

Well I haven't written on here in a while and I apologize for that, but I have an excuse...I've been busy. I've had to work because I have a job now (crazy job), I've been doing Young Life stuff (which by the way is awesome, you should definitely find out if there's one near you and get involved in it), I've had to get contacts, do yard work, and buy a pretty hardcore video camera. Yep, I've been a busy bee lately.

I'm gonna have to say I actually enjoy working at Pizza Hut, which is probably more than what a lot of people can say about their jobs. My co-workers are amusing and I get to drive around for a good part of the day, and I get paid well thanks to tips.

In Young Life I'm getting trained to be a leader and I love it! It's a great excuse to not grow up. Even though Club is over for the summer there are plenty of activities that will be happening. We've also started Young Life Alumni which I'm pretty pumped for. I would continue on about Young Life but it's worthy of its very own post so I'm going to continue on about my awesome hardcore video camera.

Over a week ago I went to Best Buy to buy a video camera for Banana's Squared. That's right, it's getting started again! This camera is worth $300 and I got it for $145 thanks to a sweet sale. It's full 1080p HD and is touch screen, has a 10 megapixel still shot camera, image stabilization and 12x optical zoom plus your other usual camera stuff. It's a pretty beasty camera and I hope to make some pretty beasty videos with it.

So get ready for some B^2 awesomeness this summer 'cause it's coming to you soon on Youtube. Booyah!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Save On Gas

Gas is murder now. The national average per gallon is over $4 which in turn is draining our bank accounts. Not long ago gas went over $3 a gallon and while that made many people more conscious of spending and driving habits it didn't really cause much of an upheaval in peoples lives as it is now. With gas hitting a new high people are starting to seriously consider different ways of saving on gas. I am one of those people, I've been reading about different ways of saving gas and been implementing these little tricks to my driving.

Many of these little gas saving tips work better with manual cars so if you have an automatic learn stick, sell your automatic, and buy a manual. I'm going to stick with the simple and free changes that will save gas. Things that you can buy to save gas can quite often be really expensive and may not pay themselves back for quite a while, besides, the free changes are probably the best changes.

1-Don't pretend you're a race driver or that your car is a jet. Accelerate slowly and around the speed limit. Now I'll admit, I don't usually stick right on the speed limit, but going 10 and 15 miles/hr over really isn't that necessary, you can use that gas for something else. There are a few cases though that would allow you to go over but I'll get to that later.

2-Most garages that I know of will inflate tires for free, take advantage of that, or if you have your own air pump use it. Well inflated tire make a big difference. It may not feel like a slightly low tire is taking a toll on your gas but it is. You know how hard it is to ride a bike with low tires and how much more energy you use? Well the same happens with a car.

3-Keeping windows up and air conditioning on also helps, but then you run the risk of sweating like a pig. You have to choose between the two based on circumstances. Windows up reduces drag and having the air con off lets the engine focus on just moving your car. Unless its blistering outside I put down the windows a couple  inches. It keeps you cool and it doesn't create so much drag that it turns your car into a forward moving parachute.

4-Coasting is a great way to save gas, but to take advantage of it you have to do it right. Remember, neutral is still a gear, it keeps the car running at idle which means it still uses gas. Best times to use neutral is when you're going to be going down a good amount of hill and not planning to slow down. This is when going over the speed limit makes more sense, it gives you momentum to go a good ways on flat ground or get you over that other hill along the way without hitting the gas. But please drive carefully, don't go so fast that you can't control your car safely and remember that in some states it's illegal to coast in neutral.

5-Another way to coast is in gear. When you coast in gear you don't use any gas! That is if you're driving a manual. Leaving the car in gear while moving but not giving it gas doesn't mean the engine stops moving, it's still going because while in gear the wheels move the engine. The only time it makes sense to do this though is if you're going to slow down. Having the car in gear works like a brake when you're not giving it gas. It would be pointless to be in gear and coasting down a hill to gain speed because then you're not taking full advantage of gravity since something is slowing you down, which in turn means you're not taking full advantage of your gas.

6-Another thing to do that's free is to not brake, avoid braking at all costs. To do this means keeping a good distance between you and other cars to avoid sudden braking. When coming up to a red light or stop sign try to coast up to it so that when you do reach it you've almost come to a stop. The reason to avoid braking is because when you do that it means the momentum you created to get there just got wasted, which means you wasted the gas that created that momentum.

7-Remove all unnecessary items from your car. Extra unneeded weight could really waste gas in the same way that carrying more weight yourself causes you to lose more energy with the more weight you carry.

All these things are free and easy to do and it makes a huge difference with gas mileage. I managed to push my car to about 50 miles/gallon and normal driving on it gets it about 27. It's well worth it to make these changes.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama vs. Osama vs. Usama

Unless you live beneath a pile of rocks you've heard that Bin Laden is dead. God Bless America! Now I have a little bet, I'll bet that most people heard about this from Facebook status'. For the past day and a half it's all I see on my Facebook news feed. (Just to add to the fact that it's all people can talk about, I just now heard on the radio that Bin Laden is dead.)

While reading the status' on Facebook I noticed that there seems to be a disagreement on the spelling of Bin Ladens first name. Is it Osama or Usama? I don't really know, and I couldn't care less. What is truly amusing though is when people start to accidentally start misspelling his name by spelling it Obama. Now I know it's easy to make fun of Obama's name, but before you start judging me for doing this, know that this is not what I am doing. I am just stating an observance and find it amusing.

I certainly am glad that this game of hide and seek is over and that we finally got Bin Laden, but I must admit that this doesn't make me feel any safer in terms of terrorism. Al-Qaida is still a threat. I'm not going to hate on Muslims as a people. It's not about the individuals, it's about Islam and what the religion stands for. This is a religion of works and to die for it is a great thing. The death of their lead is wonderful news for people around the world, but let us be warned that this isn't the end. We should be wary of what could possibly, and likely, continue to happen. The war on terrorism is not over.

Non-the-less, thank God Bin Laden is out of the picture now! Thank God that justice has been given to all affected by his acts of terrorism. I pray for those who have been put into positions of affiliation with terrorist groups and pray that they may get out of it safely. No one wins when terrorism is involved.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Curiosity and the Cat

This is a story that I wrote last year in my Creative Writing class. It's my first draft and it's not even the entire piece. What's below I emailed to myself since I didn't have a flash drive at the time, but when I added to it I neglected to continue saving it in my email, so this is what I have. It's a very rough draft, I didn't edit any of it aside from the things that I had to so that you could understand what you were reading.

I decided to put this on here because I think it has potential and I want to know what you guys think. I'd very much appreciate ideas for things that should be revised, removed, or added. I want to know where you guys think this story should go, if you were to write it what would you write.

I know that the grammar in spots is bad, but don't worry about those things, I didn't bother fixing that now because it would have taken a lot of extra time, and it wouldn't have made very much sense to fix that, ask you guys what you wanted in the story, then change it again. So don't bother with grammar problems and the such. 

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!

            Have you ever had that experience when you’re falling asleep you hear even the smallest creak? Every tick-tock of the clock is louder. You’re on the edge of falling asleep and then you hear a door shut and you startle awake again.
            That’s how I feel right now, except I’m fully awake. Everything that happens, the sound, the light, the smell, all of my senses are pronounced. The air is dry and stale and the horrid smell burns my nostrils. Every part of me aches and feels swollen. The room I’m in is small and dimly lit, aside from where I sit, which showers me in a harsh burning light. 
            I survey the room looking for anything that may give me a hint to where I am. The room is windowless and completely concrete giving me the impression that we must be underground. In the front left corner of the room is a desk, papers precariously stacked atop it. I try to look as far to the right behind myself as I can and see the edge of a mirror, I then look as far to the left behind me as I possibly can and see the other edge of the mirror, I assume it covers a large portion of the back wall. Almost directly in front of me is a large metal door with a small window placed 6 feet high in it. I now consider the situation of my being chained to a chair. The chair itself is bolted to the floor. The chains I’m in are shackled to my arms and legs, and are wrapped and locked around the legs of the chair. I can now officially conclude that I’m in trouble, it’s not often that I get taken hostage, or imprisoned, whichever this happens to be. Actually, now that I think about, I can’t remember whether or not something like this has happened before.
            I can’t seem to recall any of what happened to put me in this situation. I try to think of something but nothing comes to me, nothing in this room is triggering a memory, whatever happened was bad enough to make me lose my memory, I can’t even remember my name. 
            For the moment I just sit here, trying to think of some logical reason as to why I’m here. Maybe I’m a criminal that some agency is trying to get information from. I’m not going to lie, I would be rather disappointed if that were the case, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a criminal. Or maybe I’m the one who works for an agency and I just got caught, maybe I’m the good guy…yeah, that sounds much better, I think I’ll go with that one.
            My thoughts get interrupted by some yelling outside the door. I focus my attention to listening to what is being said. 
            “You weren’t supposed to kill him!” a woman screams in a shrill voice. Great, apparently I’m somehow involved with some killers, I think to myself.
            “What else would you expect me to do!” a man yells in response. “He was standing right there, completely oblivious, and I had a shot, so I shot him. We’ve been trying to get him for months and when we finally have a chance to take care of him you want me to just let him go? I wasn’t about to do that, not after all the work we did to get him.” 
            The man stopped talking and the woman didn’t respond. It gets silent for a couple seconds, then I hear a gunshot and a thud on the floor. I now hear the sound of latches being unlocked on the door, it opens and the woman walks into the room, seeming quite content with herself. She is tall and slender, with long blonde hair. She walks with an air of confidence and has a determined look in her eyes. She walks up to me and bends down stopping with her face just inches from mine. Her eyes seem cold and emotionless, I would not want to cross this woman, but I fear that I might have to.
            “So, how’s my little prize doing?” she asks me. Her voice sounds soft and sweet, but the way she talks oozes bitterness. I decide that it’s probably better if I say nothing, if she needs information she’s not going to get it since I can’t remember a thing, but as long as she doesn’t know this my chances of getting out of here alive may be better. 
            She stands back up and glares at me with her cold blue eyes, I stare glaringly back at her. I want to give her the impression that I’m not afraid of her, that I can’t be easily intimidated. After a few seconds she half chuckles, stops glaring, and starts to walk behind me, looking off into the very little distance that there happens to be in the room. I follow her as she walks up to the mirror, she stops and in front of it and checks her hair then continues to walk behind me. Soon after she is out of my line of sight I hear her footsteps stop. She puts her hands on my shoulder and bends down to my ear and whispers, “You’ve lost everything, your life, your family, your memory. You’re a clean slate now, and unless you do as I say, you will be shot, just like Gary out there,” she steps away and continues to walk around the room. “I take my job very seriously,” she continues, “and when people don’t listen to me bad things happen, understand?” She looks at me but I say nothing, I just continue to glare. “Listen, I know you know nothing, there’s no point in keeping you mouth shut. You think I want information, I've got information, I want your abilities. You’re a quick thinker, smart, you’re the best out there, and now we have you. So, you can either accept that I own you and start talking, or I can kill you.”
            Who am I, I start to think, that a person would feel the need to wipe my memory from me to be able to use me. I suppose the best way for me to get answers would be to stay alive and find them out, but what would I be getting myself into if I agreed to cooperate with this woman. I decide to take the risk, it’s not that I’m afraid to die if I don’t do this, it’s just that I’m too curious to let this go. Not only that, but she also mentioned a family I once had, and if there is one way to find out who I am, it’s finding out who my family was. “What do you want from me?” I say to her.
            She smirks a little bit then replies, “You’re special, Carter. You used to know things that not even the most powerful people in the world knew. You were on your way to taking this agency down, and you got very close, but then I got involved, and if there is one person better than you it’s me. I trapped you and erased your memory. Now you’re going to work for us.With your abilities to have anyone believe you and become anyone you want, you will destroy the most powerful governments and organizations in the world.”
            “Why do you do that?”
            “Do what?”
            “Slip in little pieces of who I am when you talk to me.”
            “Because Carter, in this case curiosity keeps the cat alive. I know the only reason you’re considering this is to find out who you are, and I know you’re willing do anything, short of dieing, to find that out.”
            She’s right, I will do anything to find out who I am, but I will not give her the satisfaction of having my full cooperation. I swear I will do anything to keep her, and whoever she’s working for from getting what they want. Apparently I’m the best at making people believe anything I say, and if I really am the best I can, and will fool these people. “Fine, I’ll do whatever you need me to do,” I say.
            “Good, I’m glad to here that,” she replies. “Your first task is to get out of this room alive, you have 20 minutes, good luck,” she says with a smirk. She begins to walk purposefully to the door and before exiting turns and faces me one more time, “My name is Cora, by the way. I look forward to working with you Carter.”
            She leaves the room and once the door shuts I begin to
hear a hissing noise. Awesome, this is just great, this Cora woman is one special whack-job. 20 minutes to keep myself from being gassed to death. There’s not much I can do to get out of this chair. My legs are able to slide the chain up and down the legs of the chair but that’s the most mobility I have. I can’t do much with my arms since they’re chained together behind the back of the chair. I could break my hands, but I really don’t want to do that, not only would it hurt, but that would also make it impossible for me to get my legs unchained. Maybe I could try forcing my arms over my head and somehow not break them. Yeah, I’ll do that. I start pulling my arms over my head and instead of the pain of trying to make my arms do something they’re not supposed to do, they just go right over. Lucky me, apparently I’m double jointed. 
            Now I have to get my legs out. The only ways to do this would be to either break the chain, or unbolt the chair from the floor. The bolts themselves are fairly large, but seem to be just small enough for a link of the chain to fit over it. I bend down and put a link over a bolt on the right leg and begin to unscrew it. The bolt is screwed on tightly and is very rusty, but I eventually get it off. In all I have to unscrew 8 bolts from the legs of the chair.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Dream

I had a pretty interesting dream last night. I had a dream that I had been dreaming and in that dream the life that I'm living now was the dream and I had just woken up from that dream. (Feel free to re-read that a few times.) In normal dream fashion I went from that point in the dream to being in school, skipping the time in between that, and of course it felt normal 'cause it's a dream.

I'm back in my sophomore year of high school, nothing major is happening in my life. I have my dog, my best friend still lives here, nothing much is going on. I'm going to one of my classes when I remember the dream that I had had, the one of this life. I began to think about it, realizing that a lot had gone on in that dream. My best friend moved to Texas, I didn't have my dog anymore, I had gone through hard times, gone to a school in NH then come back, missed out on relationships that could have worked, and so many other things. I sit down and think to myself that I'm glad that it was all a dream. I look around me and everything seems normal, then a thought pops into my head, what if that dream was trying to tell me something.

I suddenly feel as if I've had a dream of a possible future, that if I continue down the road I'm going the things in that dream would come true and I really didn't want a lot of that stuff to happen. I decide to start making an effort to live differently.

I begin with talking to some classmates that I know but don't really know and find them to be quite friendly. I also decide to just start pursuing relationships instead of just letting them fly by. I have thoughts of all sorts of things that I can change or do differently, and I think about how the dream I had didn't have to come true, but of course the dream I was thinking about in my dream really was my real life.

We all have those dreams that just seem so real. I just had a dream that seemed incredibly real where I was remembering a dream that had seemed really real, because it was. Despite the fact that what I had last night was a dream, I still think it was telling me something. The basic message that I got in my dream was do things differently, I was thinking that in my dream and I'm thinking that now. Perhaps things could have gone differently, but that's all in the past, but I still have the future.

Maybe my dream was telling me that things could have been different but because of choices I made the dream I was thinking about in my dream was real, and unless I want my life to continue that way I have to change a few things.

I'm going to get to know the people in my life, I'm going to pursue relationships instead of sitting on the sidelines, I'm going to make a life that doesn't give me dreams about how good things could have been but about how good things are.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pizza Makin'

I now work at Pizza Hut, and I have a feeling it's going to be good. I work with easy going people who like to have fun, making pizza is actually pretty easy, and I get employee discounts. It's a part time job so I work about 5 hours a day, but I explained I'm available whenever so I'm more likely to get more days a week. Despite this I still plan on looking for another part time job or even a full time job.

I'm starting out in shop so I'm making food and selling, prepping and cleaning up. There are just a few things I need to take care of before I start delivering, which before too long will be the main thing I do. I need to fix the left front blinker on the car and get a gps or smart phone so that I can get to where I'm delivering. A smart phone would be great, a gps would be fine.

I've asked to mainly work the morning shift. It's a bit slower in the morning and of course that frees up my evenings to hang out with people. I think my manager is willing to do this for me. I really don't like missing out on what's going on so I certainly hope I get mostly mornings.

So peeps, when making plans to do awesome things include me in them. kk, ttyl.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A lot to do

I have a lot to do tomorrow. Get myself a new birth certificate so that I can go get a new social security card so that I can provide the proper documents tomorrow when I go to my job for the first day. This process will take me to Harrisburg then back down to Lancaster then to Willow Street, that's a lot of driving...meh. But hey, that means plenty of time to catch up on songs that I haven't heard yet while I've been in NH. ( For those of you who don't know I'm now back in PA ).

Today I just finished my taxes, it was horrible. It took forever, as did the finding of the addresses I'm supposed to mail my taxes to. The good that came out of that is that I found I'm getting a whole 30 bucks in tax refunds. When I get that I'm going to town and I'm gonna party, at least as much as I can with 30 bucks.

I also talked to some of my B^2 buds today and talked about getting things started again. I see a bright future for B^2, we're going to have a blast. So stay tuned for updates with that and look for Bananas Squared videos on youtube, they're gonna be good.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Gots A Job

So for the past two weeks I've been looking for a job as I'm sure many of you already know. I put out applications everywhere and managed to get two interviews in those two weeks. They were at Costco and Pizza Hut. Both interviews went well and left me feeling positive about the jobs.

Today I was notified that I have a job at Pizza Hut. I am ecstatic and would like to thank all of you who prayed that I would get a job, thank you. I "start" on Monday. The first few days will be paperwork and training. I can't wait to start delivering pizza.

As for Costco, my interview with them was on Friday and they said that they'd call me back within the week, so there's still a fair chance that I'll get a job with them too. Please continue to pray for a positive outcome regarding a job at Costco.

Again, thanks for all your prayers.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Reciting a poems I wrote which you can see on my other blog Poems and Proverbs. I posted this video there too so you'll have to look at the post below the video to see it in written form. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

At the apple store

I went to the mall today with my friend Austin and we went into the Apple store. He's a member of the B^2 cast and we decided we had to get a video on our youtube channel. I agreed, it was about time that we got something on youtube after so long. I picked up the new ipod, turned on the camera, and started filming, then uploaded it right then and there. Haha, pick that blueberry.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Time and Life

Time slips like sand through the fingers of the one who sits waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen when nothing is done, so to sit and to wait is a waste of your life. Life does not wait for you, but it continuously moves on whether or not you decide to ride along. Don't let life slip past you unnoticed, but instead grasp hold of it, never let it go. Experience life on your feet not in a seat. Life is an action, it is what you do with it, not what you see in it, that makes it worth living. The life we live now is limited by time. We need to take a hold of time, we need to take advantage of every second, and if we don't, then life is not worth living.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Rockville

It'd be awesome if there were a town like this. But even though it's not here now, it will be here at some point. A bit of a metaphor of what is to come.

Rockville, rockin' the town to the ground. Everyone's on the dance floor tappin' it out, burnin' up the floor boards, we won't stop, no doubt about it. This town is our town, this is our place. We're a smack in the face to the underdeveloped mind of the mainstream kind. Take a chance, cross the border, get ready for a new world order. We don't hold back, we never slack. We're 99 stories high in the sky, shining bright we're a sight to see. From the east to the west, north to the south, this is the best it gets. Not one tear is shed, not one cry is heard, so turn yourself around 'cause you've seen nothing 'till you reach our town, Rockville.

Poems and Proverbs: Rockville

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Time and Life

Time slips like sand through the fingers of the one who sits waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen when nothing is done, so to sit and to wait is a waste of your life. Life does not wait for you, but it continuously moves on whether or not you decide to ride along. Don't let life slip past you unnoticed, but instead grasp hold of it, never let it go. Experience life on your feet not in a seat. Life is an action, it is what you do with it, not what you see in it, that makes it worth living. The life we live now is limited by time. We need to take a hold of time, we need to take advantage of every second, and if we don't, then life is not worth living.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Home Bound Hope

It's not exactly a poem, or a proverb, but it's something interesting to think about. I was contemplating what a true home was, I think this is fairly close to what it is.

A home bound hope helps the one with a home, but home is where the family is and what is a family without love? So where is the hope that you can escape to without a home? Peace escapes the one without hope, and without peace, what is it to live? To live is to love, and where best to find love than with a family? But what is a family? A family is wherever true love is found, and true love is worth dyeing for. When you have found what is worth dyeing for, you have found your love, your family, your peace, and your home bound hope.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Cleansing Rain

Getting under my skin the rain runs through me. It soaks me through to the bones and seeps into my veins, washing the impurities from me. The puddle that I stand in is what I used to be, every sin and every evil deed I have ever done, it now flows into the ground never to be found again. Every drop that drips from me is a symbol of new freedom, my chains begin to rust away and fall to the ground. I am no longer bound by my shame as I step away and leave it behind me. I am no longer covered in the dirt of every hurtful word I spread or of the smell of every hateful thought that came into my head. I am set free, because of this cleansing rain, I have new life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Friends

 I think I wrote this little free-verse shortly after my friend Cody moved to Texas. We had pretty much grown up together and he's like a bro to me. Ah man, good times. Haha.

A punch on the shoulder, a pat on the back, and a little super secret, super complicated handshake that no one else knows except for us. We're 3rd degree homedawgs and nothing will break apart our friendship, not even a girl (oh, and by the way, I got dibs). Over the years we've grown close, I help you, you help me, I break you, your burn me. In the end, to us, most of it is fun and games. We've had our serious times, we've had our sad time, we've had our deep times. I've advised you "Don't do that," and you say "I feel you man," in our times of need. And now we're almost all grown up, I live here and you live there, I want to do this and you want to do that; heading our separate ways we say our goodbyes and promise to keep in touch. Remember, you're my Homey-G and I'll always be there for you, and you'll always be there for me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Open the Window

Sometimes life is like looking out a window that's covered with rain water. When looking through it the colors and shapes outside are blurred together only giving you a weak representation of what is really there. You know what it is, but it isn't perfect. That's what our lives are like, we go through it experiencing only a small bit of what it can really be like. We know that there's beauty in life, but sometimes we have a hard time seeing it. All we have to do is open the window and see life the way it is meant to be seen.

Poems and Proverbs: Open the Window

Wait, scratch that

Ok, so I said I would be posting pretty much all the same things from my new blog on this blog also. I take that back...a bit. It would be an incredible hassle to post two of the same things on two different blogs. One- if you end up following both my blogs every now and then you would get duplicate posts, that would get annoying, and two- it's a lot of extra unnecessary work for me. Instead what I'll do is just write a little blurb on this blog about what I write on Poems and Proverbs, then give you a link to it so you can read it, then I'm happy and you're happy. I might still right a poem here and there on this blog, but it'll mostly be on Poems and Proverbs. If you don't like this idea and/or have better idea please let me know, I want to make the blog reading experience for you as good as it can possibly be.

p.s. I will be finishing my Poems and Proverbs posts that I started on here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Our Seed

Putting my hands down into the grime and grit of the ground. I clear out the earth of rocks and stones to make way for more fertile ground. Little holes are dug down into the dirt and into them I place seeds. Seeds that through care will grow tall, strong, and bear sweet fruits for me to enjoy. It takes months of hard work but it must be done for life to be found, and the same should be done with our lives. We need to dig out all the blacks spots from the pits of our hearts and make way for a better life. Into our hearts will be placed a seed that will grow within us and with us, helping us to grow stronger. But we need to take care of ourselves, just a little neglect and we fall back to where we began. It takes work and it takes a long time, but if we stick to it we will become strong and beautiful, and be like a sweet fruit to all that we meet.
Poems and Proverbs: Our Seed 

New Blog

So I have decided to create a new blog. It's not going to be a replacement for this one though, it will just be more specialized. On this BSquared blog I will continue to write about everything and anything for those of you who can keep up with my randomness. On my new blog I will be writing mostly poems and proverbs, so instead of searching BSquared for a poem you can go right to my Poems and Proverbs blog. There will probably be a lot of crossover with similar posts on this blog and my new one since I still plan on posting my poems and such on BSquared. Hopefully this will make things easier for those who don't want to sift through the randomness on this blog. Here's the link to Poems and Proverbs, but don't go there quite yet, there is no content. I'll probably have stuff up on it later this evening.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: This Feeling

Over the next few days I will be posting poems and proverbs that I wrote perhaps back during the beginning of my senior year of high school. The first one is called This Feeling. I don't know why I wrote it, but here it is.

This Feeling

Right here, right where I'm standing, I saw someone. Someone I know but would love to get to know more. She is an amazing person, beautiful, confident, and radiant. A woman unlike any other I have ever met. When I see her I get this indescribable feeling, mere words could not explain it. This feeling is wrapped around me making me unable to sleep at night, it makes my heart beat fast and makes me stutter when I talk. This feeling makes me weak and flushes my face whenever I see her. I always hope for that awkward moment when we pass in the hall, and our eyes meet, and our gazes are locked, but only for a moment, then we tear our eyes away in embarrassment. I pray and I hope that she feels the same way about me, but I will never know unless I ask, which is what I will do, right now.
 Poems and Proverbs: This Feeling

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dumb Coffee Maker

I have a coffee maker, it works...horribly. I need a new one. Of course the source of it's problems are mostly me. 

First off I broke the upper edge of the carafe, making it jagged and almost impossible to pour anything out of it. But I've been able to work with that. 

Second, I decided to make hot Gatorade, it was pretty good, but I fear that it has clogged the arteries of my coffee maker with its stickiness. It is also now tainting the flavour of my coffee. 

Thirdly, my coffee maker, before I clogged it's arteries, worked too fast. It could only handle up to 7 cups of water at a time, otherwise it would cause the coffee to overflow out of the filter container because the filter couldn't filter fast enough. Lame. 

Fourthly and lastly, now this dumb thing works too slow because it is clogged up. 20 minutes for four cups of coffee, almost not worth it. 

So if I can get a second on a new coffee maker I'll go buy one, so please second this. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christians of Today

Many of us have heard the news of Snyder v Westboro Baptist Church. After reading What a Shame, for the past week I've been thinking how Christians could believe, do, and say the things that Westboro Baptist did. Like Kayla said, it's a shame, but what's worse is that this group of Christians aren't the only ones. There are many of us today that are just like them. Maybe not in the same way, maybe we're not quite as blunt as Westboro is, but the fact remains, we have a problem.

There's a song called Down In Flames by Relient K, it's a song about the problem I'm talking about. We're going down in flames, attacking our brothers, but calling ourselves followers of Christ. Imagine, if you will, if Jesus were here today what do you think he would be doing, what do you think he would be saying. I certainly don't think he would be going around saying that he hates homosexuals. He loves everyone, but he hates their sin. We should be the same way. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

We say Christians are supposed to live Christ like lives, but in so many different ways I don't see that happening. When we say that we're a Christian we should mean it in the most literal sense, "I live a Christ like life." The best way to know how to lead a Christ like life is to follow the example that Jesus set himself. Now I know it's impossible to be truly Christ like but it's a worthy goal to strive for don't you think? There are many different things that we as people, being human, have to work on. Stereotyping, judging others, pride, ignorance, hardheadedness, these are some of the biggest problems that many Christians face when it comes to how we interact with other people, how we react to national and global events, and how we treat each other as Christians.

There are many different denominational Christian Churches, but who's to say that any one of them is wrong. Different people interpret the Bible differently and it's stated in the Bible that this will happen and to not quarrel amongst ourselves about our different interpretations. But there are also hard drawn lines about living a Christ like life, and these are obviously not up for interpretation. If you find that you have a different view from your Christian brother ask yourself this, "Is he living a Biblical life, is there anything in the Bible that says he shouldn't do that?" If not, let him be, if so, tell him gracefully how he is wrong, and back yourself up with the Bible.

The same goes with non-Christians. Don't go yelling and screaming in their face that they're wrong and that they're going to go to hell. Explain to them their wrongdoing as if you were there friend. No one is going to listen if you beat on them, they'll just ignore you, but if you approach them in a kindly manner you may be surprised as to how willing they are to listen. And again, back yourself up with the Bible. They may not become a Christian that instant, but the love you show them will make them wonder, and that's an important step the becoming a Christian.

I will admit, I'm as much to blame for this problem as anyone else is, but if we are to fix this problem it must be known. Our God is a loving God, not a hating one. He loves everyone, but hates sin. Don't be too quick to stereotype or judge people. Try not to be ignorant, prideful, or hardheaded. Don't condemn your brother for what he is doing unless you're certain what he is doing is not Biblical. And explain wrongdoing with grace and love to believers and non-believers alike. We won't get it right all the time, but if we all at least try we'll be moving in the right direction.