Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Times

Yeah buddy! Only half a class today. Read 10 chapters of Exodus then researched the 18th and 19th dynasties of Egypt. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy. Now I just chill. You know what? I think I'm going to put up some photos that bring back some good memories.

Ah yes, good times. The communist background voices in the play Running In the Red. (by the way, I'm the one in green)

It's a bit blurry, but it's still an awesome picture. Some of my closest friends are in this pic. This was taken after musical practice. We got BK then had a blast in the shopping centre parking lot.

This picture represents a group of friends that mean the world to me. Good times, good times. I miss ya guys!

This pic brings back the memory of high school in general. So many good memories come from this pic that I couldn't list them all.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


2010 Facebook status updates by Drew Anderson 2010 Facebook statuses. So many, not even all of them here, so check 'em out!
I'm telling yah, it's good stuff.
So go ahead, click on it!
Today is going to be an eh day. I have a funeral to go to. I don't really know the person who died, I'm mostly going just for support, but that definitely isn't going to make anything any easier.

I'm actually quite tired of going to funerals, they're no fun and quite depressing. Oh well, thus is life, and we might as well make the best of it despite the bad time.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ok, this is to all you crazies out there who actually read what I write. I have a request. Please either subscribe to or follow me. I truly appreciate the fact that you read what I write, but having to continuously put a link about it on your FB profile page can get tiresome.

So if you would do that, that would be delicious. And so I'm not continuing to give you links when you have done this, please notify me when you are following/subscribed to me.

Thank you.


Saturday is the day that we have sabbath up here. It's a complete day of doing nothing, just a day to relax. Although, sabbath up here means doing nothing loudly, no sports, and no buying or selling of things.
Now it's nice to just relax and do nothing, but I can't do that for a whole day. Eventually I begin to stress because I'm not doing anything. I don't like to just sit around all day.
Pluses for Sabbaths up here: I'm not obligated to do anything, I can sleep in, I can take long baths.
Negatives for Sabbaths up here: I can't play sports, I can't go buy anything. It's not like any of that is a big deal, it would just be nice.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Things that make me smile

Here's a list of a few things that make me smile ð˜

Flushing the toilet when my cousin Kell is in the shower.

Scaring my cousin Dell so much that he does a girly scream and flings his arms around in the air.

Receiving texts that were meant to go to someone else.

Wearing weird clothes.

Getting free stuff.

Coffee...yum. ð†

Wearing mismatched socks.

Seeing my cousin Kell buy accessories to a phone he doesn't have.

Writing awesome things.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Town trip

Off on town trip right now. Every Thursday evening around 4 the students get a chance to go to town, accompanied by a chaperone of course.

This is a time for students to get things that they need. I don't usually do that. I go just to get out. I've started the habit of going to Borders every town trip. It's a great way to just relax without anyone bothering you.

This rituall consists of me going into Borders, getting a coffee, then checking things on my iPod. This is the only chance that I get to use my iPod to it's full extent. Due to a whitelist, which is a filtering system that only allows you to go to certain sites, most of my apps are useless. After this I'll usually just browse around and chill.

I'd have to say that town trip is the highlight of my week.


Sooooo muuuuuch snoooow! Ok, for the past couple weeks, at least a few days per week we have gotten snow. We are probably up to 2 and a half feet now. It's not like that's terribly much, the main thing is that it keeps on coming.

You see, with constant snow, there is constant shovelling. It wouldn't be so bad if it all came down at once, then we would only have to shovel once. But that's not happening.

Whenever it snows, my cousin and I have to shovel out all the entrances and major pathways after we finish our normal morning routines. I'm not a morning person, so shovelling snow isn't really something I want to do shortly after I wake up.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank you

I'd like to thank everyone who's been there for me lately. You've all been helpful. I've been mad stressed and have had so much on my mind that I didn't know what to do with it, but you guys are always there to listen. Whether it's me ranting, or complaining, or feeling low, or just being plane down in the dumps, you guys find a way to be there and help.
Special thanks goes to a few close friends in PA. You guys mean so much to me and I miss you all. And to my friend in Texas, you are awesome. I love reminiscing about good times and finding new things to talk about. Talking to you always makes me feel better. And finally, to a couple people up here, thanks for listening and caring.


Everyday I wake up at 7, make coffee, then hope I'm first to the shower. You know, the normal morning routine that most people go through. At 7:45 it's breakfast.

Usual breakfast consists of sone type of hot cereal, yolky eggs and bread. Every now and then we get some variety, like pancakes, or cold cereal, or some yummy hot chocolate, but that about as far as variety usually goes.

Breakfast is breakfast and there isn't much to say about it, it's kinda boring.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tuesdays equals sports. Good times I tell you, good times. Except today. I realised I have a hard time playing to my fullest ability up here. This put me in a bit of a downer because I like to play sports well, and that's not happening. Then that got me thinking about my friends in PA that I can just be me with. The real Drew feels a bit bottled up, up here. If I had just one of my friends up here going to school with me, things would be nuts. I mean absolutely crazy. Ya...good times.

Anyway, I digress. Every Tuesday we play sports and every other Tuesday is soccer. The Tuesday's in between consist of ultimate frisbee and basketball. During the last half of sports we always play volleyball.

Volleyball is alright but it's not as competitive as it is with my friends in PA. For soccer we use a foam ball with a soccer pattern on it. That thing is really annoying, you have no control of it.

I usually find sports to be a great outlet for my stress, but today it decided to hold on, and then to add to that, it invited some of it's friends over. Ugh. Well now I'm sore, I'm tired, and I'm stressed. Goodnight.

Simple and sweet

Simple and sweet is the life we normally seek. Yet, from time to time there's that day which feels bitter, and we feel ourselves slipping away.
Life isn't simple. It has twists and turns, mountains and valleys and rivers to cross. Paths going in every direction, you choose one, not knowing what to expect along the way.
Despite the trips and falls, we pick ourselves up again, because even though we can't see what's right in front of us, we can see our trophy in the distance at the finish line.
So keep moving along and treasure the sweet times. It's like water, when we begin to lose the will to move forward it replenishes us, and reminds to never give up.

I want to shower!

Every morning after I wake up, I make my coffee then go take a shower. I always try to be the first one in the shower, otherwise I have to wait forever for my cousin to finish.

We do have to showers but that doesn't help at all. It's not the usual problem of low pressure when two showers are being used at the same time. This problem is when two are being used, one person gets hot, and the other gets frigid water. So when my cousin gets in first, I wait. Ugh.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I am so tired right now. I actually feel to lazy to write this but I have nothing better to do. I guess it would be fair to say that I'm tired from yesterday's awesomeness.
I really felt the effects this morning. Both my hands were in incredible pain. I mean, it was a chore just to make my coffee this morning. It actually hurt to put my coffee in the filter. I would have expected my legs to be sore today but they're not, my arms are instead.
I'll admit that I fell about 5 times. I guess when your hands are numb and you fall while going really fast, you don't realise the stress you're putting on your hands and arms.
I've got 2 hours of required quiet study time in about 10 minutes, but I don't think I'm going to study. I'm probably just going to flop on my bed and go to sleep.
Even so, to all you peeps out there who read this and actually know me, text. 2 hours of study with nothing to study can get boring. I need people from the outside world to talk to me. If you don't know me but read this, comment, I might say something back.

Open your minds

Why can't people open their minds. Why do we let our lives be ruled by bias, prejudice, and stereotypes? In some places it's hard to state your opinion or even have a simple discussion, all because they won't open their minds. Who's to say a person is wrong, who's to say we can't learn from them. Living life like you're driving in a tunnel is a dangerous way to live. You only see what's in front of you, you never see the whole picture because of the walls around you.


As I write this I'm sitting here in class. Sometimes my mind wanders from the lesson. Usually when this happens it's because someone said something during the lesson that got my mind going. Then after that I just go in my head from one thought to the next.

This time my mind got going...uhhh, I had to stop writing and start paying attention, so I don't exactly remember how I was going to finish that last sentence.

Anyway, so now I have 40 minutes before work begins. I think I'm going to make some coffee. Not sure what after that. Oh well.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


So it turns out that I do have something to do today. I'm going snowboarding! I'll be leaving shortly after one. And this is real snowboarding, as in going to a mountain snowboarding. Not any of that snowboarding down a hill crap.
Whats funny is that my cousin Stephen is taking us and he won't be snowboarding. My other cousin Dan is going because he was invited to go by Phillip. Im going because I was also invited by Phillip, and can actually snowboard.
Phillip is that high school kid who can't drive, but he has money to do things.
Boy did I get lucky today.

Waking up

Waking up with a headache this morning, not cool. Waking up an hour before my alarm goes off, not cool. Knowing that the chances of my doing anything exciting today is slim, really not cool.
Despite the fact it's free weekend up here and I can basically do what I want, there still isn't much to do. It's alright being with my cousins, but we're complete opposites. Never get the chance to know any of the girls well enough to hang out with them. That, and most of them are away for the weekend. My uncle is alright too, but again we're complete opposites. I don't have a car, and if I did go somewhere, it would be with the use of my cousins or my uncles vehicle, accompanied with the owner of that car.
There are plenty of other people up here but most of them are little kids or adults. There is one kid about my age, but he's still in high school and can't drive.
I guess what I could do to mix things up a bit is not get all fancied up for church today. But I don't plan on looking grungy either. I think I'll wear jeans, my mocs, and my blue vertical striped button down shirt. Usually we're required to wear dress pants, a dress shirt tucked in, and a tie. 10 bucks says my cousins say something about my attire today.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


In Prime Roast coffee shop. Best coffee I've ever had! Just exquisite! A bold strong taste that isn't ruined by acidity.
The atmosphere in here is really nice too. Completely open with wood and artist painted tables placed near the walls. Local artist paintings hang upon the walls and the shelves showcase a slew of coffee making machines.
On either side of the entrance way is a level up, with a table and a few comfortable chairs for some time to privately enjoy your coffe and do work.
The coffee choices are immense and this is evident by a wall covered in flavored syrups and different coffee flavors.
All in all, this place is awesome.


Out to do something. I don't know what though. Cafe maybe, bookstore, dead computer warehouse (I hope not that). I hope it's fun. Here we go.


So here I am in a bag. What it is, is a homemade paintball barrier. I crawled in then my friends closed up the opening and filled it with air. I have to wear a gas mask because the fumes from the glue is dangerous. This thing is about 20 ft long and I have plenty of room to crawl back and forth. My friends have deemed this my own personal bubble.

In a bag

Inside a massive plastic bag with a gas mask on. I hope I don't die.


Playin settlers with the Reeds. Except this is makeshift seafarers version. With paper pieces to replace those pieces that have been lost. And even after that we don't have enough pieces.

Another test

Haha, seeing how this works.
This is a test