Saturday, March 26, 2011

At the apple store

I went to the mall today with my friend Austin and we went into the Apple store. He's a member of the B^2 cast and we decided we had to get a video on our youtube channel. I agreed, it was about time that we got something on youtube after so long. I picked up the new ipod, turned on the camera, and started filming, then uploaded it right then and there. Haha, pick that blueberry.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Time and Life

Time slips like sand through the fingers of the one who sits waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen when nothing is done, so to sit and to wait is a waste of your life. Life does not wait for you, but it continuously moves on whether or not you decide to ride along. Don't let life slip past you unnoticed, but instead grasp hold of it, never let it go. Experience life on your feet not in a seat. Life is an action, it is what you do with it, not what you see in it, that makes it worth living. The life we live now is limited by time. We need to take a hold of time, we need to take advantage of every second, and if we don't, then life is not worth living.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Rockville

It'd be awesome if there were a town like this. But even though it's not here now, it will be here at some point. A bit of a metaphor of what is to come.

Rockville, rockin' the town to the ground. Everyone's on the dance floor tappin' it out, burnin' up the floor boards, we won't stop, no doubt about it. This town is our town, this is our place. We're a smack in the face to the underdeveloped mind of the mainstream kind. Take a chance, cross the border, get ready for a new world order. We don't hold back, we never slack. We're 99 stories high in the sky, shining bright we're a sight to see. From the east to the west, north to the south, this is the best it gets. Not one tear is shed, not one cry is heard, so turn yourself around 'cause you've seen nothing 'till you reach our town, Rockville.

Poems and Proverbs: Rockville

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Time and Life

Time slips like sand through the fingers of the one who sits waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen when nothing is done, so to sit and to wait is a waste of your life. Life does not wait for you, but it continuously moves on whether or not you decide to ride along. Don't let life slip past you unnoticed, but instead grasp hold of it, never let it go. Experience life on your feet not in a seat. Life is an action, it is what you do with it, not what you see in it, that makes it worth living. The life we live now is limited by time. We need to take a hold of time, we need to take advantage of every second, and if we don't, then life is not worth living.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Home Bound Hope

It's not exactly a poem, or a proverb, but it's something interesting to think about. I was contemplating what a true home was, I think this is fairly close to what it is.

A home bound hope helps the one with a home, but home is where the family is and what is a family without love? So where is the hope that you can escape to without a home? Peace escapes the one without hope, and without peace, what is it to live? To live is to love, and where best to find love than with a family? But what is a family? A family is wherever true love is found, and true love is worth dyeing for. When you have found what is worth dyeing for, you have found your love, your family, your peace, and your home bound hope.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Cleansing Rain

Getting under my skin the rain runs through me. It soaks me through to the bones and seeps into my veins, washing the impurities from me. The puddle that I stand in is what I used to be, every sin and every evil deed I have ever done, it now flows into the ground never to be found again. Every drop that drips from me is a symbol of new freedom, my chains begin to rust away and fall to the ground. I am no longer bound by my shame as I step away and leave it behind me. I am no longer covered in the dirt of every hurtful word I spread or of the smell of every hateful thought that came into my head. I am set free, because of this cleansing rain, I have new life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Friends

 I think I wrote this little free-verse shortly after my friend Cody moved to Texas. We had pretty much grown up together and he's like a bro to me. Ah man, good times. Haha.

A punch on the shoulder, a pat on the back, and a little super secret, super complicated handshake that no one else knows except for us. We're 3rd degree homedawgs and nothing will break apart our friendship, not even a girl (oh, and by the way, I got dibs). Over the years we've grown close, I help you, you help me, I break you, your burn me. In the end, to us, most of it is fun and games. We've had our serious times, we've had our sad time, we've had our deep times. I've advised you "Don't do that," and you say "I feel you man," in our times of need. And now we're almost all grown up, I live here and you live there, I want to do this and you want to do that; heading our separate ways we say our goodbyes and promise to keep in touch. Remember, you're my Homey-G and I'll always be there for you, and you'll always be there for me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Open the Window

Sometimes life is like looking out a window that's covered with rain water. When looking through it the colors and shapes outside are blurred together only giving you a weak representation of what is really there. You know what it is, but it isn't perfect. That's what our lives are like, we go through it experiencing only a small bit of what it can really be like. We know that there's beauty in life, but sometimes we have a hard time seeing it. All we have to do is open the window and see life the way it is meant to be seen.

Poems and Proverbs: Open the Window

Wait, scratch that

Ok, so I said I would be posting pretty much all the same things from my new blog on this blog also. I take that back...a bit. It would be an incredible hassle to post two of the same things on two different blogs. One- if you end up following both my blogs every now and then you would get duplicate posts, that would get annoying, and two- it's a lot of extra unnecessary work for me. Instead what I'll do is just write a little blurb on this blog about what I write on Poems and Proverbs, then give you a link to it so you can read it, then I'm happy and you're happy. I might still right a poem here and there on this blog, but it'll mostly be on Poems and Proverbs. If you don't like this idea and/or have better idea please let me know, I want to make the blog reading experience for you as good as it can possibly be.

p.s. I will be finishing my Poems and Proverbs posts that I started on here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: Our Seed

Putting my hands down into the grime and grit of the ground. I clear out the earth of rocks and stones to make way for more fertile ground. Little holes are dug down into the dirt and into them I place seeds. Seeds that through care will grow tall, strong, and bear sweet fruits for me to enjoy. It takes months of hard work but it must be done for life to be found, and the same should be done with our lives. We need to dig out all the blacks spots from the pits of our hearts and make way for a better life. Into our hearts will be placed a seed that will grow within us and with us, helping us to grow stronger. But we need to take care of ourselves, just a little neglect and we fall back to where we began. It takes work and it takes a long time, but if we stick to it we will become strong and beautiful, and be like a sweet fruit to all that we meet.
Poems and Proverbs: Our Seed 

New Blog

So I have decided to create a new blog. It's not going to be a replacement for this one though, it will just be more specialized. On this BSquared blog I will continue to write about everything and anything for those of you who can keep up with my randomness. On my new blog I will be writing mostly poems and proverbs, so instead of searching BSquared for a poem you can go right to my Poems and Proverbs blog. There will probably be a lot of crossover with similar posts on this blog and my new one since I still plan on posting my poems and such on BSquared. Hopefully this will make things easier for those who don't want to sift through the randomness on this blog. Here's the link to Poems and Proverbs, but don't go there quite yet, there is no content. I'll probably have stuff up on it later this evening.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Poems and Proverbs: This Feeling

Over the next few days I will be posting poems and proverbs that I wrote perhaps back during the beginning of my senior year of high school. The first one is called This Feeling. I don't know why I wrote it, but here it is.

This Feeling

Right here, right where I'm standing, I saw someone. Someone I know but would love to get to know more. She is an amazing person, beautiful, confident, and radiant. A woman unlike any other I have ever met. When I see her I get this indescribable feeling, mere words could not explain it. This feeling is wrapped around me making me unable to sleep at night, it makes my heart beat fast and makes me stutter when I talk. This feeling makes me weak and flushes my face whenever I see her. I always hope for that awkward moment when we pass in the hall, and our eyes meet, and our gazes are locked, but only for a moment, then we tear our eyes away in embarrassment. I pray and I hope that she feels the same way about me, but I will never know unless I ask, which is what I will do, right now.
 Poems and Proverbs: This Feeling

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dumb Coffee Maker

I have a coffee maker, it works...horribly. I need a new one. Of course the source of it's problems are mostly me. 

First off I broke the upper edge of the carafe, making it jagged and almost impossible to pour anything out of it. But I've been able to work with that. 

Second, I decided to make hot Gatorade, it was pretty good, but I fear that it has clogged the arteries of my coffee maker with its stickiness. It is also now tainting the flavour of my coffee. 

Thirdly, my coffee maker, before I clogged it's arteries, worked too fast. It could only handle up to 7 cups of water at a time, otherwise it would cause the coffee to overflow out of the filter container because the filter couldn't filter fast enough. Lame. 

Fourthly and lastly, now this dumb thing works too slow because it is clogged up. 20 minutes for four cups of coffee, almost not worth it. 

So if I can get a second on a new coffee maker I'll go buy one, so please second this. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christians of Today

Many of us have heard the news of Snyder v Westboro Baptist Church. After reading What a Shame, for the past week I've been thinking how Christians could believe, do, and say the things that Westboro Baptist did. Like Kayla said, it's a shame, but what's worse is that this group of Christians aren't the only ones. There are many of us today that are just like them. Maybe not in the same way, maybe we're not quite as blunt as Westboro is, but the fact remains, we have a problem.

There's a song called Down In Flames by Relient K, it's a song about the problem I'm talking about. We're going down in flames, attacking our brothers, but calling ourselves followers of Christ. Imagine, if you will, if Jesus were here today what do you think he would be doing, what do you think he would be saying. I certainly don't think he would be going around saying that he hates homosexuals. He loves everyone, but he hates their sin. We should be the same way. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

We say Christians are supposed to live Christ like lives, but in so many different ways I don't see that happening. When we say that we're a Christian we should mean it in the most literal sense, "I live a Christ like life." The best way to know how to lead a Christ like life is to follow the example that Jesus set himself. Now I know it's impossible to be truly Christ like but it's a worthy goal to strive for don't you think? There are many different things that we as people, being human, have to work on. Stereotyping, judging others, pride, ignorance, hardheadedness, these are some of the biggest problems that many Christians face when it comes to how we interact with other people, how we react to national and global events, and how we treat each other as Christians.

There are many different denominational Christian Churches, but who's to say that any one of them is wrong. Different people interpret the Bible differently and it's stated in the Bible that this will happen and to not quarrel amongst ourselves about our different interpretations. But there are also hard drawn lines about living a Christ like life, and these are obviously not up for interpretation. If you find that you have a different view from your Christian brother ask yourself this, "Is he living a Biblical life, is there anything in the Bible that says he shouldn't do that?" If not, let him be, if so, tell him gracefully how he is wrong, and back yourself up with the Bible.

The same goes with non-Christians. Don't go yelling and screaming in their face that they're wrong and that they're going to go to hell. Explain to them their wrongdoing as if you were there friend. No one is going to listen if you beat on them, they'll just ignore you, but if you approach them in a kindly manner you may be surprised as to how willing they are to listen. And again, back yourself up with the Bible. They may not become a Christian that instant, but the love you show them will make them wonder, and that's an important step the becoming a Christian.

I will admit, I'm as much to blame for this problem as anyone else is, but if we are to fix this problem it must be known. Our God is a loving God, not a hating one. He loves everyone, but hates sin. Don't be too quick to stereotype or judge people. Try not to be ignorant, prideful, or hardheaded. Don't condemn your brother for what he is doing unless you're certain what he is doing is not Biblical. And explain wrongdoing with grace and love to believers and non-believers alike. We won't get it right all the time, but if we all at least try we'll be moving in the right direction.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Borders Bookstore

So let me tell you something about the Borders up here in Keene, NH. It's pretty much the place to be. Everyone who goes there, gets coffee, grabs a book or magazine, and just chills. Well maybe not all of them, but a good number of them, myself included. 

The most common customer you will find there are the Keene State College students. Borders for them is the place to chill and have coffee, grab books for studying, and hook up to wifi for surfing. I have found that many of these students are regulars, at least on Thursday's. Since I myself go every Thursday, these are the only regulars I see, but I think it's fair to say there are other regulars on other days of the week also. Borders also appeals to the young family with family oriented activities several times a month. 

Employees here are all about the customer. They're friendly and outgoing, there service is quick and reliable, and they know how to make you feel at home. It's uncommon to see an employee at Borders without a smile on their face. Their goal is to make you happy, and when you're happy, they're happy. 

The atmosphere is warm and invites you to stay. I usually spend over an hour at Borders. The layout is simple and everything is easy to find. The cafe serves Seattles Best coffee along with other treats and goodies. The furniture is comfy enough to sleep in. 

All in all, Borders of Keene, NH is quite high quality compared to the many other bookstores I've gone to, and I suggest if you live nearby to go check it out sometime. It's a great place to study at, hangout at, and relax at. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Let me tell yah something, pizza is good. There are no two ways about it and if you don't like pizza you can go jump in a ditch. (I am not responsible for any injuries that occur if you take that seriously, but seriously, go jump in a ditch).

I'm not a huge fan of cheese, in fact I hate pretty much all cheese despite how it's prepared or presented, except for when it's on pizza. I don't know why this is the case, perhaps it's the tomato sauce, maybe it's how it's cooked, I don't know, but there's something about pizza that makes cheese taste good. 

Pizza is a staple of Italian cuisine and a staple of American junk food. At it's best it's beautiful, it smells like your moms perfume, and tastes like the fourth of July in your mouth. At it's worst it looks like leftovers from a month ago, it smells like a run over skunk, and tastes like a shoe soaked in grease. We can all picture it, the beautiful pizza we all want to run to get, and the ugly greasy one that we cover in napkins in the hopes to get rid of all the grease. 

Pizza is a pastime. It's the party food of choice. Sports enthusiasts order it up before the game starts on tv. The party planners buy it by the box to satisfy those hungry teens. The cool kids choose pizza buffets to hang out at. 

Pizza is what brings people together. If you don't like pizza then I'm sorry, you're missing out. As for those of you who do like pizza, let's have a party.