Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Curiosity and the Cat

This is a story that I wrote last year in my Creative Writing class. It's my first draft and it's not even the entire piece. What's below I emailed to myself since I didn't have a flash drive at the time, but when I added to it I neglected to continue saving it in my email, so this is what I have. It's a very rough draft, I didn't edit any of it aside from the things that I had to so that you could understand what you were reading.

I decided to put this on here because I think it has potential and I want to know what you guys think. I'd very much appreciate ideas for things that should be revised, removed, or added. I want to know where you guys think this story should go, if you were to write it what would you write.

I know that the grammar in spots is bad, but don't worry about those things, I didn't bother fixing that now because it would have taken a lot of extra time, and it wouldn't have made very much sense to fix that, ask you guys what you wanted in the story, then change it again. So don't bother with grammar problems and the such. 

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!

            Have you ever had that experience when you’re falling asleep you hear even the smallest creak? Every tick-tock of the clock is louder. You’re on the edge of falling asleep and then you hear a door shut and you startle awake again.
            That’s how I feel right now, except I’m fully awake. Everything that happens, the sound, the light, the smell, all of my senses are pronounced. The air is dry and stale and the horrid smell burns my nostrils. Every part of me aches and feels swollen. The room I’m in is small and dimly lit, aside from where I sit, which showers me in a harsh burning light. 
            I survey the room looking for anything that may give me a hint to where I am. The room is windowless and completely concrete giving me the impression that we must be underground. In the front left corner of the room is a desk, papers precariously stacked atop it. I try to look as far to the right behind myself as I can and see the edge of a mirror, I then look as far to the left behind me as I possibly can and see the other edge of the mirror, I assume it covers a large portion of the back wall. Almost directly in front of me is a large metal door with a small window placed 6 feet high in it. I now consider the situation of my being chained to a chair. The chair itself is bolted to the floor. The chains I’m in are shackled to my arms and legs, and are wrapped and locked around the legs of the chair. I can now officially conclude that I’m in trouble, it’s not often that I get taken hostage, or imprisoned, whichever this happens to be. Actually, now that I think about, I can’t remember whether or not something like this has happened before.
            I can’t seem to recall any of what happened to put me in this situation. I try to think of something but nothing comes to me, nothing in this room is triggering a memory, whatever happened was bad enough to make me lose my memory, I can’t even remember my name. 
            For the moment I just sit here, trying to think of some logical reason as to why I’m here. Maybe I’m a criminal that some agency is trying to get information from. I’m not going to lie, I would be rather disappointed if that were the case, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a criminal. Or maybe I’m the one who works for an agency and I just got caught, maybe I’m the good guy…yeah, that sounds much better, I think I’ll go with that one.
            My thoughts get interrupted by some yelling outside the door. I focus my attention to listening to what is being said. 
            “You weren’t supposed to kill him!” a woman screams in a shrill voice. Great, apparently I’m somehow involved with some killers, I think to myself.
            “What else would you expect me to do!” a man yells in response. “He was standing right there, completely oblivious, and I had a shot, so I shot him. We’ve been trying to get him for months and when we finally have a chance to take care of him you want me to just let him go? I wasn’t about to do that, not after all the work we did to get him.” 
            The man stopped talking and the woman didn’t respond. It gets silent for a couple seconds, then I hear a gunshot and a thud on the floor. I now hear the sound of latches being unlocked on the door, it opens and the woman walks into the room, seeming quite content with herself. She is tall and slender, with long blonde hair. She walks with an air of confidence and has a determined look in her eyes. She walks up to me and bends down stopping with her face just inches from mine. Her eyes seem cold and emotionless, I would not want to cross this woman, but I fear that I might have to.
            “So, how’s my little prize doing?” she asks me. Her voice sounds soft and sweet, but the way she talks oozes bitterness. I decide that it’s probably better if I say nothing, if she needs information she’s not going to get it since I can’t remember a thing, but as long as she doesn’t know this my chances of getting out of here alive may be better. 
            She stands back up and glares at me with her cold blue eyes, I stare glaringly back at her. I want to give her the impression that I’m not afraid of her, that I can’t be easily intimidated. After a few seconds she half chuckles, stops glaring, and starts to walk behind me, looking off into the very little distance that there happens to be in the room. I follow her as she walks up to the mirror, she stops and in front of it and checks her hair then continues to walk behind me. Soon after she is out of my line of sight I hear her footsteps stop. She puts her hands on my shoulder and bends down to my ear and whispers, “You’ve lost everything, your life, your family, your memory. You’re a clean slate now, and unless you do as I say, you will be shot, just like Gary out there,” she steps away and continues to walk around the room. “I take my job very seriously,” she continues, “and when people don’t listen to me bad things happen, understand?” She looks at me but I say nothing, I just continue to glare. “Listen, I know you know nothing, there’s no point in keeping you mouth shut. You think I want information, I've got information, I want your abilities. You’re a quick thinker, smart, you’re the best out there, and now we have you. So, you can either accept that I own you and start talking, or I can kill you.”
            Who am I, I start to think, that a person would feel the need to wipe my memory from me to be able to use me. I suppose the best way for me to get answers would be to stay alive and find them out, but what would I be getting myself into if I agreed to cooperate with this woman. I decide to take the risk, it’s not that I’m afraid to die if I don’t do this, it’s just that I’m too curious to let this go. Not only that, but she also mentioned a family I once had, and if there is one way to find out who I am, it’s finding out who my family was. “What do you want from me?” I say to her.
            She smirks a little bit then replies, “You’re special, Carter. You used to know things that not even the most powerful people in the world knew. You were on your way to taking this agency down, and you got very close, but then I got involved, and if there is one person better than you it’s me. I trapped you and erased your memory. Now you’re going to work for us.With your abilities to have anyone believe you and become anyone you want, you will destroy the most powerful governments and organizations in the world.”
            “Why do you do that?”
            “Do what?”
            “Slip in little pieces of who I am when you talk to me.”
            “Because Carter, in this case curiosity keeps the cat alive. I know the only reason you’re considering this is to find out who you are, and I know you’re willing do anything, short of dieing, to find that out.”
            She’s right, I will do anything to find out who I am, but I will not give her the satisfaction of having my full cooperation. I swear I will do anything to keep her, and whoever she’s working for from getting what they want. Apparently I’m the best at making people believe anything I say, and if I really am the best I can, and will fool these people. “Fine, I’ll do whatever you need me to do,” I say.
            “Good, I’m glad to here that,” she replies. “Your first task is to get out of this room alive, you have 20 minutes, good luck,” she says with a smirk. She begins to walk purposefully to the door and before exiting turns and faces me one more time, “My name is Cora, by the way. I look forward to working with you Carter.”
            She leaves the room and once the door shuts I begin to
hear a hissing noise. Awesome, this is just great, this Cora woman is one special whack-job. 20 minutes to keep myself from being gassed to death. There’s not much I can do to get out of this chair. My legs are able to slide the chain up and down the legs of the chair but that’s the most mobility I have. I can’t do much with my arms since they’re chained together behind the back of the chair. I could break my hands, but I really don’t want to do that, not only would it hurt, but that would also make it impossible for me to get my legs unchained. Maybe I could try forcing my arms over my head and somehow not break them. Yeah, I’ll do that. I start pulling my arms over my head and instead of the pain of trying to make my arms do something they’re not supposed to do, they just go right over. Lucky me, apparently I’m double jointed. 
            Now I have to get my legs out. The only ways to do this would be to either break the chain, or unbolt the chair from the floor. The bolts themselves are fairly large, but seem to be just small enough for a link of the chain to fit over it. I bend down and put a link over a bolt on the right leg and begin to unscrew it. The bolt is screwed on tightly and is very rusty, but I eventually get it off. In all I have to unscrew 8 bolts from the legs of the chair.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Dream

I had a pretty interesting dream last night. I had a dream that I had been dreaming and in that dream the life that I'm living now was the dream and I had just woken up from that dream. (Feel free to re-read that a few times.) In normal dream fashion I went from that point in the dream to being in school, skipping the time in between that, and of course it felt normal 'cause it's a dream.

I'm back in my sophomore year of high school, nothing major is happening in my life. I have my dog, my best friend still lives here, nothing much is going on. I'm going to one of my classes when I remember the dream that I had had, the one of this life. I began to think about it, realizing that a lot had gone on in that dream. My best friend moved to Texas, I didn't have my dog anymore, I had gone through hard times, gone to a school in NH then come back, missed out on relationships that could have worked, and so many other things. I sit down and think to myself that I'm glad that it was all a dream. I look around me and everything seems normal, then a thought pops into my head, what if that dream was trying to tell me something.

I suddenly feel as if I've had a dream of a possible future, that if I continue down the road I'm going the things in that dream would come true and I really didn't want a lot of that stuff to happen. I decide to start making an effort to live differently.

I begin with talking to some classmates that I know but don't really know and find them to be quite friendly. I also decide to just start pursuing relationships instead of just letting them fly by. I have thoughts of all sorts of things that I can change or do differently, and I think about how the dream I had didn't have to come true, but of course the dream I was thinking about in my dream really was my real life.

We all have those dreams that just seem so real. I just had a dream that seemed incredibly real where I was remembering a dream that had seemed really real, because it was. Despite the fact that what I had last night was a dream, I still think it was telling me something. The basic message that I got in my dream was do things differently, I was thinking that in my dream and I'm thinking that now. Perhaps things could have gone differently, but that's all in the past, but I still have the future.

Maybe my dream was telling me that things could have been different but because of choices I made the dream I was thinking about in my dream was real, and unless I want my life to continue that way I have to change a few things.

I'm going to get to know the people in my life, I'm going to pursue relationships instead of sitting on the sidelines, I'm going to make a life that doesn't give me dreams about how good things could have been but about how good things are.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pizza Makin'

I now work at Pizza Hut, and I have a feeling it's going to be good. I work with easy going people who like to have fun, making pizza is actually pretty easy, and I get employee discounts. It's a part time job so I work about 5 hours a day, but I explained I'm available whenever so I'm more likely to get more days a week. Despite this I still plan on looking for another part time job or even a full time job.

I'm starting out in shop so I'm making food and selling, prepping and cleaning up. There are just a few things I need to take care of before I start delivering, which before too long will be the main thing I do. I need to fix the left front blinker on the car and get a gps or smart phone so that I can get to where I'm delivering. A smart phone would be great, a gps would be fine.

I've asked to mainly work the morning shift. It's a bit slower in the morning and of course that frees up my evenings to hang out with people. I think my manager is willing to do this for me. I really don't like missing out on what's going on so I certainly hope I get mostly mornings.

So peeps, when making plans to do awesome things include me in them. kk, ttyl.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A lot to do

I have a lot to do tomorrow. Get myself a new birth certificate so that I can go get a new social security card so that I can provide the proper documents tomorrow when I go to my job for the first day. This process will take me to Harrisburg then back down to Lancaster then to Willow Street, that's a lot of driving...meh. But hey, that means plenty of time to catch up on songs that I haven't heard yet while I've been in NH. ( For those of you who don't know I'm now back in PA ).

Today I just finished my taxes, it was horrible. It took forever, as did the finding of the addresses I'm supposed to mail my taxes to. The good that came out of that is that I found I'm getting a whole 30 bucks in tax refunds. When I get that I'm going to town and I'm gonna party, at least as much as I can with 30 bucks.

I also talked to some of my B^2 buds today and talked about getting things started again. I see a bright future for B^2, we're going to have a blast. So stay tuned for updates with that and look for Bananas Squared videos on youtube, they're gonna be good.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Gots A Job

So for the past two weeks I've been looking for a job as I'm sure many of you already know. I put out applications everywhere and managed to get two interviews in those two weeks. They were at Costco and Pizza Hut. Both interviews went well and left me feeling positive about the jobs.

Today I was notified that I have a job at Pizza Hut. I am ecstatic and would like to thank all of you who prayed that I would get a job, thank you. I "start" on Monday. The first few days will be paperwork and training. I can't wait to start delivering pizza.

As for Costco, my interview with them was on Friday and they said that they'd call me back within the week, so there's still a fair chance that I'll get a job with them too. Please continue to pray for a positive outcome regarding a job at Costco.

Again, thanks for all your prayers.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Reciting a poems I wrote which you can see on my other blog Poems and Proverbs. I posted this video there too so you'll have to look at the post below the video to see it in written form. Enjoy!