Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is basically a catch up of all that has gone on since my last real post. You all know I work at Pizza Hut, I'm still working there. I have been deemed the best driver there and all my managers have asked me if I'm interested in management. The would be no, not at Pizza Hut, although the pay increase would be warmly accepted.

I was also in a an extra, nothing special but you will see me if you go to see it. It's called Trust Me, look for it in theaters this winter. I wasn't expecting to get paid but I was. A very pleasant surprise. Four days of extra work and $200 to show for it. For the actual amount of time on set it was pretty good pay.

I also have my own car now, a Toyota Corolla named Sherona. I put a short ram intake in it and two tweeters all for the price of $30. A steal, definitely pleased with the purchase. The intake has done marvelous wonders to my fuel economy.

I've got myself a phone also. A Droid Incredible 2 and I love it.

Those are pretty much the major things that have gone on lately. I can't wait to get back into the rhythm of posting regularly with interesting little stories.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Been a while

I've had so much going on lately that I barely have any time to just sit down and write, and its probably going to continue to be like that. So thus, my posts will be shorter, but I will catch you guys up, starting with a pic. It's a beautiful lotus, I love it.