Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Acting vs. Writing

Acting vs. Writing. Ugh... which one aught I do. Already writing with a fair following, but I'm also good at acting. I just don't know. Maybe both? Write scripts, act in the movie I wrote for. Perhaps write and do acting on the side, or do acting and write on the side. In all honesty, writing is probably the easier route, and I do love to do it. Despite being able to write at any time I want, it's still a hard career to get a hold in. But that's me, I never take the easy way. I'm sure most of know how hard it is to get into acting, and even though writing would be a bit easier, the difference is marginal.

Thus is my dilemma. Many of you know that I want to become an actor, but as of late I've been falling more and more back in love with writing. I may even be starting to prefer writing to acting. Of course at the moment I am more able to write than to act, so this is what my creative juices flow towards.

At the moment I will pursue this path with full force. I will study more and more the concepts of writing and its many different styles. I will branch off and begin writing in different styles from those that I already write in. Even at this very moment I am talking with a friend about starting a collaborative blog.

I believe that is all I have to say, just thought you guys should, it is a blog after all.