Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 99 Percent

Scenario: There are 100 people just chilling together. All of them have the same blue and orange striped shirt on, all but one person. He's wearing a red and green striped shirt. The 99 other people are jealous of the 1 percent wearing a different shirt.

The 99 percent: "Why is it that you get to have a red and green shirt while we have to where these blue and orange shirts?"

The 1 percent: "Well you don't have to wear those shirts, you just have to work to get it. I decided I wanted a different shirt so I did what I could to get a different one."

The 99 percent: "Yeah right, that shirt was probably handed to you by your parents or some government. We bet you didn't have to do anything for that shirt."

The 1 percent: "Sometimes that happens, but in most cases it doesn't, not even for me."

The 99 percent: "Well we still don't think it's fair. Some of us work hard but don't get any fancy shirts like yours. What's up with that?"

The 1 percent: "I don't know, perhaps you settled for too little when you could be making more but just never realized it. Maybe you just need to say that you work hard and well and want a raise, you just need to say something."

The 99 percent: "We are saying something! To you! And we will say something to the people some of us work for. We're going to ask them the same question we asked you."

The 1 percent: "That's not going to do anything. You're just going to get the same response I gave you and nothing will come of it. From what I can tell some of you just need to work, some need to work harder, some of you need to not settle for less, and some of you just need to let your employer know you deserve more. I'm sure if they believe you're worthy to receive more they'll give you more. There's no need to turn this into a huge ordeal."

The 99 percent: "But it is already a huge ordeal, we want different shirts now!"

The 1 percent: "But it's not! You're not going to gain anything by sitting here and arguing about it!"

The 99 percent: "We're going to prove you wrong! We're going to sit here and demand that we have shirts like yours. You'll see, we'll get what we want."

The 1 percent: "Alright, good luck. But nothing's going to happen."

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ah, music. It gets ya every time, at least for me. I love music, all kinds of it, except for country, bleh. I like music with substance and complexity, but I can appreciate simple music that has a good rhythm. Country, however, just seems like there's nothing put into it. Of course the guitarists are good guitarists, and I'm sure the drummers are good drummers, but over time you realize that almost all country sounds exactly the same. Admittedly there are a few country songs that I like, but that's because they stick out from the rest, I can hear the artistry in it.

For me music is much more than a song with instruments playing in the background. It's the perfect melding of different sounds into a harmony. It's the rises and the falls, the anticipation, the ability to stir something inside that I love. From classical to heavy metal, I think about the talent, the time spent, the practice, the puzzle of fitting different sounds together to make something beautiful.

At this very moment I'm listening to dubstep, which I can only describe as the true modern version of "classical" music. Think about it, it's the intermixing of many different sounds together to make something complex yet pleasing to the ear. You have to listen to a single piece many times to hear each different aspect of the music. The difference between "classical" and dubstep is the medium used to produce it, but amazingly the two are easily interchangeable.

Below I will put two links to show you what I mean. Enjoy!

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites-Dubstep
Skrillex Orchestral Suite-"Classical" (Because it's a dumb generic term)