Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prince Street Cafe

 Cafes are wonderful places. Some are simple, some aren't. Some are small, some aren't. Some are in bookstores, a lot aren't. I'm not at Borders Bookstore (they don't exist anymore) but I am in a cafe. Prince Street Cafe, on Prince Street in Lancaster, PA. Great place, great food, great coffee and wonderful service. Two of my friends work here so I like finding excuses to come and visit (as if I needed an excuse in the first place, I mean, it is a cafe).

 Open since '06 it's been a hoppin' place for years. It caters to the college kids from the two nearby colleges,  Millersville and F&M, as well as to tourists, theater goers who visit the Fulton Theater across the street, business men and women, and enthusiasts of delicious danties and coffee such as myself.

 Prince Street Cafe displays local art and photos showing off great talent from the surrounding area. The incredibly high volume of customers who flow in and out of the cafe makes for great exposure. If you're an artist I highly recommend contacting the owner about displaying your pieces.

 The whole of the cafe is an art piece in itself. It's design integrates a slight industrial architecture with a natural atmosphere. The cafe is supported with coal colored metal pillars and beams which lead to the open coal colored ceiling, pipes and vents and ducts all showing. But all this is magnificently balanced out with wooden flooring, a long wooden table for group gatherings, wooden benches along the back wall, wooden shelves holding plants and trinkets, and stone slabs advertising the delectable menu.

 The menu consists of your normal selection of coffees as well as specialties and teas and cold bottled drinks. They offer several different brew methods to allow for the best taste you're looking for. The tea selection is extensive and imaginative, as with just about everything else that is offered. There is also a healthy offering of wonderful pastries and foods. You will never be disappointed with what you receive and will likely have your taste buds pleading for more. Dairy used is bought from a local shop, and beans come from Dillanos just south of Seattle, Washington. Everything is fresh and delightful.

 It's incredibly easy to lose track of time here. Conversations draw on with free refills of the House Coffee, work and studying progresses while listening to the hum of others words or the music on your playlist, and amazingly the atmosphere allows for private reading despite the openness and hum, as I have witnessed.

 You want a relaxing time? A fun time playing games? Do you want to lose yourself in conversation, or just want a quick drink and a bite? Prince Street Cafe allows for all these things. If you are ever in Lancaster, PA I highly suggest a visit. You won't be disappointed, I promise.