Behind The Name

Bsquared, B^2, Bananas, three different ways to say the same thing, Bananas Squared. This name represents a group of best friends who have been through thick and thin with each other. Only a small number of people from this group have decided to separate themselves from it. 
Bananas Squared began last year during my sr. year of high school. One day I was telling my friends Kayla and Lindsay that if I could get a serious group of people together that I would like to start a YouTube show. They both thought that this was a wonderful idea and said that they would like to be a part of it, and explained that they were serious about it. So on that day our little group began. Lindsay, Kayla, and I, the originators of Bananas Squared, but it's not till a while later that we officially take that name. 
The first order of business was of course getting a name, but while brainstorming these we also came up with plans for a cast and crew. We wanted a camera person, a tech person, and more actors. After a few days Kayla came up with a name. It was a simple play off of 'second banana' which Lindsay had originally wanted, but couldn't have since it was already taken, so Kayla came up with Bananas Squared. Kayla and I immediately accepted it and we were now ready to move forward with cast and crew. 
A couple days later Kayla had printed out a sign-up sheet, so for a few weeks, every Friday during drama club, we would put the sheet on the stage and announce that anyone could sign up to be a part of B^2. By the end of the sign-up period, if I remember correctly, there were about 17 people who wanted to join. But this was more than we wanted so we decided to hold auditions, but that plan never came to fruition. So we decided that since we had already seen these people act before that we would cut those we knew couldn't act, cut those we knew weren't serious, and keep those who we knew could act and were serious.
After cast selection there became a total of 9 members including those of us who started B^2. Overtime members changed causing our group to shrink and then grow again. The highest amount of members we reached was twelve, which we had for the most amount of time. But if I were to only count those who regularly came to meetings it would be 11. 
It was these 11 that made Bananas Squared what it was. Once a week, usually every Tuesday, we had B^2 meetings, discussing video ideas, planning when and where to shoot, and just having a plain good 'ole time. Over the course of the summer and part of the school year we all became best friends, willing to do anything for each other. In the end we never actually made any videos, but despite that we all had a blast hanging out with each other. 
Now Bananas Squared is split up and not in a functioning state anymore, but a few of us still hold out hope for it. There are still remnants of it, such as this blog, which is named in honour of Bananas Squared. Those of us who started it still have the hope of it becoming something, we are not willing to give up on it yet. 
Bananas Squared represents close friendships and a passion for acting. B^2 is who we are and what we do.